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Obama Only Has Slim Lead in Ohio Survey

Magellan Strategies released their survey results today of likely general election voters in the state of Ohio.  The results find President Obama leading Republican Mitt Romney 45% to 43%.  What’s interesting about this survey is that 40% or the respondents considered themselves Democrats, while only 32% identified with the Republican Party.  Yet Romney is only behind by two percentage points, meaning the GOP candidate is picking up support from independents.

The survey also found that Democrat Sherrod Brown is leading Josh Mandel 45% to 38% in the U.S. Senate race.

When asked about the job Ohio Governor John Kasich is doing, the state is split.  Forty-two percent disapprove of his job performance, while 41% approve.  The Governor’s plan to increase the severance tax on the emerging oil and gas industry in Ohio found 40% of the respondents saying that would make it harder to create jobs in Ohio, while 37% thought it would not have an impact.

The survey also asked questions about Ohio’s taxes and government spending.  Fifty percent believe state income taxes are too high, while 49% believe that the best way to pay for a state income tax reduction would be to cut spending.

The interviews for the survey were conducted earlier this week.  You can see the results the survey at Opportunity Ohio.



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