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NBC’s Olympic Disaster?

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Twitchy Media reports that NBC’s Olympic coverage is being mocked throughout the realm of global social media.  Cutting a tribute to the 2005 London Bombing victims, tape delays, spoilers, geographic errors, streaming woes and arrogant tweets from network executives have all resulted in scorn for the network.

Read more at Twitchy Media.

UPDATE: 7/31/12, 1:28 pm

Around 12:34 pm EST today during his radio show, Rush Limbaugh passed along an anecdote that if it is true, illustrates further how far NBC’s credibility has slipped over the years.  Limbaugh told a story about NBC producers doing man-on-the-street interviews in London.  They were asking folks about their impressions of the Olympics.  They got a surprise after interviewing one American.  Producers in the field didn’t realize until it was pointed out to them later that they had spoken with former Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield.



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